In-house test centre

Physical testing of products and customised solutions

In our new, expanded test centre we are able to test customer specific products. We will do this in close cooperation with the end-users of our elevators.


Physical testing of products as well as customer cooperation will ensure an optimum adaption to any specific application.



According to customer demands Simatek Bulk Systems A/S will offer to test products for all elevator sizes and variations as well as all feeding systems.


(measured @ speed: 18 m/min,  filling degree: 90%):

• Elevator type 33:    < 15,5 m3/h
• Elevator type 44:     < 21 m3/h

• Elevator type 110:   < 32 m3/h
• Elevator type 200:   < 65 m3/h
• Elevator type 460:   < 130 m3/h (measured @ speed: 21 m/min)

Capacity and speed are dependent on product specifications and choice of feeding systems