Simatek Vibrating feeder

Vibration feeder * Highest possible filling degree depending on the configuration of the elevator   Simatek Vibrating Feeder is a solution for traditional filling of bucket elevators with most product types.   The system ensures a continuous and gentle filling, however, with a limited filling degree.   The vibrating feeder is specially suited for asymmetric, packed, and larger product types, where the metering based feeding systems have limited application.   The system supplies a regular product flow to the passing buckets.   To ensure the most optimum distribution and volume across the entire width of the bucket, it is possible to adjust the percussion power (adjusted on the fl y weight of the motor), the layer thickness (controlled by means of the integrated damper), and the vibration frequency (requires connection to the frequency converter).   The vibrating feeder is primarily used for products, where there is no focus on neither dust generation high capacity, nor very gentle conveyance.   Alternatively, we can deliver specially developed vibrators for handling e.g. corncobs and potatoes.  


• Traditional filling of bucket elevators • Supplies a regular product flow to the bucket • Simple capacity control • High operating reliability • Simple product handling  


Asymmetric products, Packed products, Larger products.

Product example

Snacks, chocolate, pasta, tablets, Candy, food, Frozen food, corncobs, potatoes, granules.